For certain environments, prop washing is a cost-effective alternative to material excavation dredging.  In most cases a 50% cost reduction versus traditional dredging methods can be achieved.  Savings of greater than 50% have been achieved for some clients.

Mike Scruton Marine has provided prop washing services for many small harbours in the lower Great Lakes, including Turkey Point, Nanticoke, Port Burwell, and Wheatley, working with various government agencies to ensure compliance and provide minimal disruption to fish and wildlife habitats.

Prop Wash Dredging

Our fleet includes three prop wash tugs, equipped with spuds that enable sediment movement more efficiently than conventional methods of dredging.

Rental Services

Barge Rental — our truckable work barge is 9’ x 20’ and is perfect for ship repair.  Contact us for available rental dates.

Workboat Rental — Rental of boat, captain, and at least one crew member.  Surveying companies appreciate the convenience, friendliness, and professionalism of our crew.

Workboat & Barge Services

Salvage, light towing, ice-breaking and emergency response are just a few of the services we regularly perform with our vessels.  We have also been a resource for surveying companies.

Marine Construction & Dock Repair

We have provided dock repair and marine construction for the Port Dover Harbour Marina, Port Dover Yacht Club, Dovercraft Marine, Turkey Point Marina, and many private residences.   If you want the job done right and on time, contact us for a no-obligation quote.

Beach Restoration

Through his own research and development, Mike and his crew have established new, more cost-effective methods of beach restoration than traditional means. Call for details.  

Consulting Services

Dredging projects, ship repair, salvage operations, powering and refitting boats and ships, and many more projects will benefit from Mike Scruton Marine’s expertise and experience.

Coming Soon

30x60 Jack-up barge for test boring and soil sampling, or on-site work platform.